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is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox

How to join Watch Netflix with Friends

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In today's ever-evolving world, advancements and modernization have transformed various aspects of our lives, including entertainment. Netflix Party (now known as Teleparty) epitomizes this evolution, offering a truly entertaining experience. Moreover, what keeps it exceptionally outstanding is the ability to invite friends & family to join, bringing more entertainment. And the best part? Physical proximity is no longer necessary. With the Netflix Party Extension, you can watch movies and shows online while sharing the experience in real-time synchronization with people worldwide.

What's even more remarkable is that Netflix Watch Party is not limited to a single streaming platform. It extends its capabilities to other popular platforms such as HBO Max, HBO Now, Hulu, Disney Plus, and Amazon Prime. With the Netflix Party Chrome Extension, you not only stream content in sync. But also have access to a real-time chat function, enriching your streaming experience.

Furthermore, the functionality and productivity of Netflix Watch Party go beyond just streaming. Remember, you are always close to your loved ones once or unless you have Watch Party Netflix. Because it enables sharing your streaming experience or the content that you are watching with other participants from any location worldwide. So, be prepared if you want to dig into the world of streaming entertainment, as there’s much more to explore. 

How to Step into a Netflix Watch Party? 

A feature called Netflix Party(now called Teleparty) can be your best friend to watch Netflix with friends. However, if you are a smart TV user, you can use this Netflix Party feature even there. So without delaying anymore, let’s get started; 

First: Host a Netflix Party(Teleparty)

Here, you have some manual steps that lead you towards hosting a Netflix Watch Party to stream with friends. And also to spend quality time with them even from far away. Now, to learn more, follow the downward steps as there’s a lot more when it comes to implementation than installation Netflix Party extension:  

1. Install the Netflix Party extension: Visit the official Netflix Party website first. And then, download the Netflix Party extension for your preferred web browser. And these can be Chrome, Firefox, and Opera., except Safari. 

2. Open Netflix: Launch the Netflix streaming service in your web browser.

3. Start a video: To start a video choose a video, whether it's a TV show or movie to watch.

4. Start a party: Now, click the "NP" icon in your browser's toolbar. Then click the "Start Party" option.

5. Share the party link: Share the generated party URL with your friends so they can join the party.

6. Chat and enjoy: You can chat with your friends in the sidebar while watching the video together.

Second: Built-in Netflix Party Feature on Smart TVs

However, do you want the same streaming experience with friends on a larger picture or Smart TV? Then, it is requested not to give up on what’s below described. But ensure that you must have installed the Netflix Party Chrome extension and also correctly implemented other steps:  

1. Check for compatibility: Some smart TVs have a built-in Netflix Watch Party feature. Therefore, ensure that your smart TV must have the ability to support this feature. Remember, you can do it either by checking the manufacturer's documentation or visiting the official website.

2. Connect to the Internet: Having stable and consistent Internet connectivity is also important. So you will be least worried about the internet connectivity issues on your smart TV. 

3. Open Netflix: Also, don’t forget to launch the Netflix app on your smart TV.

4. Start a video: Before starting to play a video, choosing one is equally important. Whether it's a TV show, movie, series, or other videos similar to this. 

5. Start a party: When it comes to starting a watch party, first, search for Netflix Watch Party. Or other options similar to this in the app's menu or settings to start a party.

6. Share the party code: Share the generated party code with your friends so they can enter it on their own Netflix apps or devices to join the party.

7. Enjoy the show together: Once everyone has joined, you can watch the video simultaneously and communicate using the built-in chat or messaging feature.

Remember, the above-described things can be a little uncertain sometimes. And even become problematic sometimes if you don’t follow the latest pattern. Therefore, as a resolution, visiting the Netflix website frequently would be best for you to check out the latest updates and information. Moreover, it helps to refer to the documentation provided by your smart TV manufacturer for the most accurate instructions.

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