Netflix Party

Netflix party

Netflix Party

is now available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Binge-watch Netflix With Your Distant Friends and Family

Missing your besties? Host a Netflix Party now and feel connected with your distant friends in your spare time. You can watch any of your Netflix shows or movies with your friends and families worldwide. Netflix Party is all here to allow you to enjoy binge-watching in perfect sync without any charges. Install this featured extension now or anytime to smoothly experience the best HD streaming. Moreover, its integrated chat function is all worthy of bringing millions of smiles to your face. So, don’t wait for more to enjoy the cinema feel; go through this below reading and enhance your bond despite miles:

*Available on Chrome browsers on desktop or laptop computers.

How To Host Seamless Netflix Party

Netflix Party is a superb extension to use for streaming in perfect sync. Here is the complete guidance to help you host a Watch Party that bring enthusiasm back to enjoying moments with a loved one:

You need Netflix Party Extension installed in your system to host Watch Party. Click Here to download either in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge on your device. Furthermore, This extension works in Windows, macOS Laptops, Chromebooks, and PCs.

Now, pin the extension to the toolbar. For this, click on the “Netflix Party” ICON and you must be noticed next to the address bar. Then, click on the “extension’s icon” to make it done successfully.

Now, you need to open your Netflix account and log in to proceed. Make sure that all the participants you are thinking of streaming with have to carry their separate account with a smooth subscription, including you.

Now, search for the video you want to enjoy in sync. Once you get it, select that and play it to proceed further.

In the final step, click on the “ICON” showing next to the address bar. A window will pop up with the name “CREATE A WATCH PARTY” and the “START A PARTY” button on this window. Click on this button to directly get a Watch Party URL. Now, you only need to copy this link and share it with the maximum number of friends you want to invite to your watch party.

Join A Netflix Party to Enjoy Streaming With Lovely Pals

To start the procedure of joining a watch party through the invitation URL, you have to install the Netflix Party extension in your system. If you have it already installed, click on the invitation link shared by one of your friends, and you will be redirected to your Netflix account. Now, smoothly log in to your account and make sure you have a subscription to make it run hassle-free. That’s all, now enjoy the best HD streaming with all the participants and add colors to your faded night.

This extension allows you to watch in perfect sync worldwide with whoever you share the watch party link to. The extension will enable you to watch whatever Netflix show or movie you want to enjoy, and on top of that, enjoy its group chats feature so you can share your views on the video currently playing in the streaming. Moreover, you can react and send fun emojis to make it more enjoyable and feel like sitting next to each other.

Now you can customize your profile according to what’s new. Use a fun avatar that will appear to all the participants during streaming and group chat. Moreover, you can update your profile according to your mood and interest. Enjoy this incredible feature free of cost and let your friends know about the worth of extensions.

The best part of the extension is the quality of streaming. With the Netflix Party extension, you can enjoy various movies and quality together anywhere in the world. If you have a decent internet connection, then nothing can stop you from enjoying this feature for free. Stream your Netflix shows or movies in HD quality and enjoy binge-watching to make alluring moments long-lasting.

Stream numerous great shows in perfect sync with friends and families. This extension is with significant devices such as Windows, macOS Laptops, Chromebooks, and PCs. That means you have options to go with any of these. Therefore, select according to your convenience and enjoy the best streaming from your comfort place worldwide.

Frequently Asked Question

This is a platform where you can stream your favorite videos in sync to enjoy with distant friends. This extension is filled with amazing features that allow you to add more fun at the watch party.

It has a variety of ways to entertain people. This extension is equipped with a great library where you can arrange a Binge-watching with your distant friends to make the moments memorable. 

Not at all; enjoy worth-watching without paying a penny. All you need is a subscribed Netflix account and decent network connectivity.

Yes, of course. This extension has an incredible chat feature to make you all feel connected with each-other. Not only chat but you can react to the messages and send fun emojis to make it more delightful.

You will start loving this extension once you know that you can add as many as you want to. Enjoy the Netflix streaming with all and create memories with all of them.