Netflix Party

is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox

Binge-watch Netflix With Your Distant Friends and Family.

Netflix Party is an extension that allows users to watch Netflix material in synchronized mode with their friends and family. Furthermore, you may watch Netflix high-definition movies and TV shows with anyone. A unique live chat capability and video synchronization allow you to react to on-screen action in real-time. Wherever Netflix Party is available, you may watch the best movies and TV shows. The new features of this add-on will surely enhance your binge-watching experience. Furthermore, putting together a Netflix Party is a breeze. Therefore, without any further ado, let’s start with the functions and attributes of Netflix Party.


Downloading the Netflix Party is a simple process. You can also download the amazing watch party with a few simple clicks. Furthermore, installing and downloading this extension is simple for users. Moreover, this extension will allow you to watch your favorite movie or television show with your friends for free. In addition, a watch party will enable you to stay in touch with your loved ones via the internet. Henceforth, you can play back in sync with your mates and stream Netflix videos with those who live far away.

Download and Install Netflix Party:
Pin It To Toolbar
Login into Your Netflix Video Account
Search, Play, Stream, and Pause
Create and host your Virtual Watch party
Send The Invitation URL to your pals
Join the Netflix party

Join A Netflix Party to Enjoy Streaming With Lovely Pals

To start the procedure of joining a watch party through the invitation URL, you have to install the Netflix Party extension in your system. If you have it already installed, click on the invitation link shared by one of your friends, and you will be redirected to your Netflix account. Now, smoothly log in to your account and make sure you have a subscription to make it run hassle-free. That’s all, now enjoy the best HD streaming with all the participants and add colors to your faded night.

Streaming In perfect Sync With Integrated Chat
Personalized Settings
Worldwide HD Streaming For Quality Freaks
Compatible With Major Devices

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