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How to Stream Netflix in 4K

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Many TV series and movies are available on Netflix in 4K. You can watch these on your computer, but you'll need the necessary hardware, software, internet access, and Netflix membership. It's not as simple as watching 1080p HD Netflix.

The Equipment Required for 4K

Netflix "Ultra HD" viewing requires a 4K TV and streaming box. Simple. PCs are trickier.

You need a 4K (3840x2160) monitor. 

Settings > System > Monitor > "Resolution" will show you your display's resolution.

Change your computer's display resolution in Windows 10's Settings app.

The display must be 60 Hz. HDCP 2.2 compliant. Check the manual or manufacturer's website to see if your display includes this feature. Netflix only streams 4K to PCs with HDCP 2.2.

Netflix requires a 7th-generation Intel (Kaby Lake) processor or newer to watch content. Many AMD chips and older processors also work. Only a fast processor can decode 4K information.

Check your computer's CPU by going to Settings > System > About. "Processor" details are under "Device Settings." Generation is the number after the dash. "i7-4790" refers to the 4th generation Core i7 processor in the screenshot below.

Download Speed Requirements for 4K

For 4K viewing, Netflix states that you'll also need an internet connection with a minimum download bandwidth of 25 Mbps (Megabits per second). Higher is preferable.

You can check the speed of your internet connection by going to or by using the speed test tool provided by Netflix.

You won't be able to stream in Ultra HD 4K on any device if your internet connection can't handle this speed. Netflix claims that 5 Mbps will allow for 1080p standard HD streaming.

4K Software Requirements

You must utilize the appropriate software, even if you have the necessary hardware and an internet connection to support 4K streaming. You can't just open Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome and go to the Netflix website. The 4K Netflix stream is not supported by those browsers.

Windows 10 is required in order to stream Netflix in 4K on a PC; Windows 7 is not compatible with this. Either utilize the Netflix website in Microsoft Edge or stream using the Netflix app downloaded from the Store.

Netflix doesn't allow Mac users to stream in 4K either. Running Windows 10 on a virtual machine or through Boot Camp is the only method to stream Netflix in 4K on a Mac.

The Essential Netflix Plan

Even if you have everything else, 4K streaming is only possible with the correct streaming plan, which you must pay for. 4K video is only available on Netflix's most expensive "Premium" viewing package.

By going to your Account page on the Netflix website and selecting "Change Plan," you may discover the Netflix streaming plan your account is currently subscribed to.

The monthly cost of the 4K Ultra HD plan is $15.99, which is $3 more expensive than the HD plan. It does, however, permit four devices to stream per month as opposed to only two. Maybe you could pay more and split a Netflix membership with someone?

You'll need to make sure Netflix is configured to 4K playback even after paying for 4K. On the Account page of the Netflix website, click "Playback Settings." Make sure "Auto" or "High" is selected.

Netflix will use less bandwidth to stream if it is set to "Low" or "Medium," but it won't stream in 4K.

How to Use Netflix to Find 4K Content

Finally, not all of Netflix's content will be available in 4K. Only a small portion of Netflix's programs is actually offered in 4K. To find 4K content on Netflix, type "4K" or "UltraHD" into the search bar. To watch Netflix with friends install Netflix Party Extension.

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